Middles States Reaffirmation Timeline - Tentative

Spring 2018

  • Chairs and Working Group members identified
  • Steering Committee members appointed
  • President Frederick provided the charge to Self-Study Team
  • Preliminary research commenced
  • Self-Study Chair and HU ALO met with Faculty Senate Leaders, HUSO, and students

Summer 2018

  • Research continued
  • Self-Study Design draft developed
  • Budget for FY19 and FY20 approved

Fall 2018

  • Research phase propelled into high gear
  • Middle States liaison visited campus
  • Self-Study Design approved
  • First draft report of the 7 Standards submitted (December)

Spring 2019

  • Monthly Steering Committee meetings held
  • Monthly internal draft report submissions of the 7 Standards received
  • Comments/Feedback from Steering Committee members and consultants on each report draft
  • Draft reports revised
  • Self-Study Chair and ALO met with faculties of 12 Schools and Colleges
  • Townhall meeting held
  • Self-Study Staff appointments completed
  • FY20 Budget modified
  • Social media campaign launched

Summer 2019

  • Continue and enhance social media campaign
  • Continue monthly Steering Committee meetings

Fall 2019

  • Continue Steering Committee meetings
  • Organize a Middle States Monday series for Howard community
  • Hold 2nd town hall meeting

Spring 2020

  • President Fredericks submission of Self-Study report to Middle States

Fall 2020

  • Official Middle States Virtual Site Visit