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Spring 2023 Conversations with IRA

Closing the Loop on Data Collection - January 19, 2023 11 AM ET

You’ve gathered and analyzed your data, now what? Communicating and using assessment results from across the department is a critical aspect of the assessment cycle. However, “closing the loop” often gets pushed aside as assessors are pressed for time or uncertain about the most valuable way to share results. In this session, you will explore strategies for communicating results to various audiences, overcoming barriers to using the results to improve resource and service delivery to students, and collaborating with stakeholders to build capacity around evidence-based decision-making. This session will provide concrete examples of how to effectively synthesize and use results with a variety of audiences to inform decision-making and inspire change. It will also address how to utilize the assessment reports from Planning & Self Study to increase resource allocation and implement campus change.


Storytelling and Data Visualization - February 22, 2023 12 PM ET

Data storytelling is set to become an essential skill set that all Student Affairs assessment professionals need. Conducting good assessment has been a significant focus within our field for many years, but we have more work to do when it comes to learning how to visualize and share our data in powerful ways. The idea that emotions and logic are opposites has led to disastrous efforts to effect change that can end up accomplishing the opposite of what we want. Using data viz and storytelling as a vehicle to understand our students, we can motivate people to act together and collectively solve problems and contribute to positive change on our campuses. Come hear more about strategies you can use to present and craft powerful stories around your data that will support positive change.  



Proactive Assessment Planning - March 30, 2023 12 PM ET

Developing an assessment plan requires a coordinated effort that brings together various assessment project plans.  It can look at just one program or event, or it can be a coordinated effort that requires a variety of approaches, methodologies, analysis and storytelling techniques to share a more comprehensive picture of how our work contributes to student success. In this presentation, we will discuss methods to being proactive instead of reactive in the assessment planning process, as well as looking beyond the current landscape and planning for the next academic and fiscal year. 



Collaborating in Asessment - April, 12, 2023 12 PM ET

Effective assessment practices involve the right people even if you are assessing only in a single class or Co-curricular experience, collaboration with others is important for several reasons. In this session we will have experienced professionals from across the academic and non-instructional spaces to discuss how collaboration brings value to the assessment process and helps us all reach our goals and outcomes. 


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Fall 2022 Conversations with IRA

Session Recordings:

September 7, 2022 Intro to HAAP
September 21, 2022 Developing and aligning LOs
October 12, 2022 Proactive Assessment Planning (rescheduled to 10/26)
November 16, 2022 Exploring Equity in HBCU Assessment


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