Assessment Calendar

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment Calendar -  Spring 2023

This calendar serves to inform the Howard community of dates relevant to assessment, course evaluations, and institution-wide surveys. Reminders for each of these events will be sent via email to appropriate parties, but the calendar serves as a single source of information for this data. This calendar is updated on a semesterly basis.

IRA Assessment Calendar - Spring 2023

Date Task
January 19, 2023 WORKSHOP: Closing the Loop on Data Collection
January 31, 2023 All units academic and administrative units must submit their 2022-2023 HAAP plans
February 9, 2023 WORKSHOP: Storytelling & Data Visualization Thursday
February 21, 2023 Quarter 1 HAC meeting
March 1 - May 15, 2023 Submission period for AY 22-23 HAAP results & actions*
March 3 - May 26, 2023 GSES is open
March 30, 2023 WORKSHOP: Proactive Assessment Planning
April 1 – May 1, 2023 Meetings for AY 23-24 HAAP outcomes and measures
April 9 – May 2, 2023 Course Evaluations open
April 12, 2023 WORKSHOP: Collaborating in Assessment
April 15- June 1, 2023 Application available for 2023 Annual Assessment Academy
April 19, 2023 Assessment Day - Details coming soon
April 26, 2023 Quarter 2 HAC meeting
May 1, 2023 AY 23-24 HAAP outcomes and measures due*
May 3, 2023 WORKSHOP: Wrapping up the HAAP
May 10, 2023 Spring semester ends
May 15, 2023 AY 22-23 HAAP results and actions due
Course evaluation reports are available to instructors. **

*Non-traditional academic programs’ HAAP timeline differs based on individual academic calendars  

**Course evaluations will be made available to instructors and administrators after all final grades have been submitted. This will delay some graduate and professional programs with different grade submission policies. 

Please note that as of the closing of Fall 2022, the office of Institutional Research & Assessment will no longer solicit approval of course and instructor information for course evaluations. It is imperative that course and instructor information is corrected prior to the final withdrawal date of each semester. Any courses or instructors who are not properly captured in Banner and Canvas may not be evaluated starting with the Spring 2023 course evaluation process. 


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