National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) was designed to provide information colleges and universities can use to improve the quality of undergraduate education. NSSE data reports for Howard University are accessible below.

NSSE Assessment Reports

2021 Reports

This Snapshot is a concise collection of key findings from Howard University's NSSE 2021 administration.
The Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons report presents item-by-item student responses and statistical comparisons that allow you to examine patterns of similarity and difference between Howard students and those at other institutions.
Due to their positive associations with student learning and retention, certain undergraduate opportunities are designated "high-impact." NSSE founding director George Kuh recommends that institutions should aspire for all students to participate in at least two HIPs over the course of their undergraduate experience—one during their first year and one in the context of their major (NSSE, 2007).
This report presents year-to-year results for Engagement Indicators (EIs), High-Impact Practices (HIPs), and key academic challenge items to illustrate patterns of change or stability within the institution.

2018 Reports

2015 Reports

2014 Reports

2012 Reports

2009 Reports