IRA for Faculty/Staff

IRA for Faculty/Staff

IRA cares about making information accessible and understandable to Howard faculty and staff. We understand that it may be difficult to navigate the site to find exactly what you are seeking. For your convenience, we have created a list of links that will take you to the correct page for a variety of IRA's activities.

Institutional Research

This interactive dashboard contains data related to enrollment, retention, demographics, and graduation outcomes.

Course Evaluations

This landing page gives you additional information concerning course evaluations at Howard.

Graduating Student Exit Survey

This interactive dashboard allows you to see the results of the graduating student exit survey.  This data contains information about where graduates go, how much money they are making, and in what industries they are working.

Alumni Survey

This interactive dashboard allows you to see the results of the 1-year alumni survey.

Annual Assessment Academy

This summer academy is a time for faculty to help assess the assessment of Howard University.  

Howard Annual Assessment Process (HAAP)

This page will give you all the information you need to know about the HAAP including an informative manual, templates, and examples.


If you are looking for support for data, fill out our data request form.  If you are looking for support with assessment, you can fill out the request for support