Course Evaluations - Frequently Asked Questions

Instructors & Administrators:

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When do Course Evaluations open for students to complete? When do they close?

Course evaluations open to students during the last two weeks of the semester prior to exams. They close before exams begin.

For specific dates for this semester's course evaluations, please see the Assessment Calendar.

When can instructors and administrators access their course evaluations for the semester?

Instructors and Administrators are able to see completed course evaluations after grades are submitted.

For specific dates for this semester's course evaluations, please see the Assessment Calendar.

How do I access the Course Evaluations system as an instructor?

Instructors can access their Course Evaluation system and see results through the Course Evaluations and Surveys (CES) as a part of the Watermark products suite, which uses your Howard SSO. This system is integrated into Faculty Success. You will automatically gain access to Course Evaluations once you have been listed as a course instructor.

How do students access and complete Course Evaluations?

Students will receive an email instructing them when Course Evaluations are open and additional reminders via email to complete course evaluations. They can either access course evaluations through the email link or through the module that appears on the Canvas pages for each course. 

What do I do if an instructor is listed incorrectly in CES?

Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) populate through the course information entered in Banner and Canvas. If there is an error regarding instructor-course alignment in CES, the original issue stems from one of two places:

1) Banner. The wrong instructor is assigned to the course in the schedule of classes, which is based off of the information provided to the Registrar.
2) Canvas. The wrong instructor is assigned the role of Teacher on the Canvas page for the course.


To fix this problem in CES, you can approach it one of two ways:

1) In Canvas, ensure that only the instructor is assigned the role of Teacher. We sync the courses in Canvas to CES prior to deployment so this is one way to fix the issue.

2) In CES, administrators can use the Manage Courses function. This allows administrators to enroll/unenroll instructors to courses.

  • Click the “Manage Courses” function in the top navigation menu or on the right-hand side widget. You will be able to see all the projects that allow you to enroll/unenroll instructors.
  • Click on the project and navigate to the course in question. Click on the + button under enrollment to enroll an instructor. Click on the number under ‘Instructor' and select the check boxes next to the names of instructors you would like to remove to unenroll any instructors.
  • Linked here is a video tutorial on this process. Note that not all of the features demonstrated in this video have been enabled by our Team.

*Any instructors looking to enroll/unenroll Teaching Assistants can apply the same set of instructions to do so. Please be mindful that the only difference to enroll/unenroll TAs is that the Canvas designated role in question is TA and the CES title is 'TA'.

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